Our Firefighters Need your Help!

Recently, the news is filled with catastrophic fires in California.  Adding to that are the stresses of COVID-19 on our first responders.  Our local Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade bravely protect my neighboring mountain and the San Francisco Peninsula where I live.  This fire unit is vital to us, and their funding is based solely on a 100% volunteer-run art fair each year during the Labor Day Weekend.   A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Kings Mountain Elementary School as well. 

Due to the pandemic, the art fair will be held virtually. That means you can shop at the comfort of your own home, and with your help, I can donate 15% of my gross sales to this essential group. You can and donate directly or find more information on their website - https://kingsmountainartfair.org/.  When you shop at my site and send me a note “Kings”, I will know to donate 15% from now until September 15, 2020. 

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