Can I change the length of a Chain?

Absolutely!  Contact us for information and prices.

Gold versions of the silver designs are totally possible. Just send me a quick email to start a custom order.


I will only repair my own work. Send me a photo of the damaged piece when you contact me so I can evaluate how repairable it is. A cracked stone usually means rebuilding the setting, while a broken chain requires only a simple soldering.

Restocking Fees, in case of a Return

Depending on the circumstances and at my discretion, an item may be returned with a 15%-25% restocking fee. The amount depends on how much work I have to put into the piece to make it sellable again.

Returning Time of 14 days?

You must contact me prior to any returns and exchanges. Your return package must be postmarked within 14 days of delivery of the package. After that period, it is not returnable. Only store credits or exchanges are allowed with each return.  No refunding. 

Skin Allergies?

No nickel is used on any of our jewelry. We can also suggest other metals to use as substitute. Usually the higher karat gold will less likely cause reaction. Taking jewelry off can help your skin breath and return to normal. 

All my work is made of sterling silver unless indicated otherwise on the listing. Most gold used are 18k purity, again, unless indicated otherwise. Gold versions of the silver designs are totally possible. Just send me a quick email for a custom order.

General Care of Jewelry

Generally, jewelry should be taken off as soon as you get home, and they should be the last thing you put on before you go out. Put your jewelry on after hand lotion, hair spray, fragrances and such. Swimming pool and hot tub water will tarnish your silver very quickly. 

For Sterling Silver, the safest method is to use a polishing cloth to rub the metal. They are safe around the stones. Commercial silver dips are not safe for stones in jewelry. If you must use that on jewelry without stones, you'll need to adhere strictly to the manufacturer's instructions on the jar label. 

For my sterling silver and copper Mokume Gane items, I have sealed the mokume gane part with a museum type wax. At first, just use a Q-tip to very gently rub the metal to refresh the shine. For deeper cleaning, use a polishing cloth to gently rub it. 

Gold has less maintenance since it doesn't tarnish. If need be, use a polishing cloth to freshen up the shine.

Patina Maintenance

When patina wears off, I can re-apply for you for free. Just send me a note.